Ache Away

Double action Ache Away horse liniment spray and roll-on.  Pre & post exercise. Unique warming & cooling effect. Multi-revitalizing, high level of penetration.

Horse liniment Ache Away double action (cooling and warming effect) liniment gel rub for sore muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Effective pre-workout leg and spinal care rub and post-workout recovery. Proven to provide relief to horses that suffer from pain or stiffness.


Ache Away liniment spray and roll-on has a unique warming and cooling effect. That provides a multi-revitalizing feeling thanks to its complementary active natural ingredients. Enabling it have a high degree of penetration and delivering healing benefits to the stressed body part.

Horse liniment spray and roll-on Ache Away eases movement, reduces swelling and acts as an anti-inflammatory. In addition to helping relieve joints, ligaments, muscles and tendon associated aches and pains.

Available in an easy to use 3 oz roll-on or 2 oz spray

Blended with equine use in mind using all natural and therapeutic grade ingredients.

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