Stud behavior in geldings?  Use Horse n Tale StudeZ a behavior mood balancer for geldings who act like studs.

Benefits of using StudeZ:

  • Lessons or stops a gelding from acting like a stud
  • Helps with aggressive behavior towards mares
  • Calms down ungentlemanly behavior
  • Assists with unwanted amorous advances
  • Aids harassing behavior
  • Also useful in helping to stop biting behavior
  • Balances hormones

Does not affect performance, cheaper than supplements, injections or training fees. Easy to use 2oz spray.

Horse n tale StudeZ directly targets the nervous system and emotions and works immediately after application. Order your studdy behavior in geldings product today.

Blended with equine use in mind using all natural therapeutic grade ingredients to help stop geldings acting like studs.

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