Horse N Tale respiratory support products consists of BreatheEz that provides support for a healthy respiratory function, helps with horse breathing difficulties or a respiratory tract problem.

BreatheEz eases coughs and congestion and assists your equine athlete to breathe better. It opens up the airways so your equine athlete can breathe more efficiently.

Customers have reported BreatheEz has successfully treated coughs and congestion and opened up airways. Strengthened and cleared the respiratory tract. Addressed respiratory infections. Soothed inflammation and eased excess mucus. Broken up chest congestion and boosted the immune system in equine athletes.

Horse N Tale equine BreatheEz is available in an easy to use roll-on. That creates no mess, no fuss during application.

Crafted with equine use in mind using the healing and therapeutic properties of all natural ingredients to help with a horses breathing.


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Showing all 2 results